A churn and burn SEO service from BNS

A Churn and Burn SEO Service

Order your churn and burn SEO package below. Simply select the link quantity you require and we’ll get to work immediately. This service is recommended for experienced SEO professionals only.


BNS has taken the SEO world by storm. Branching out from our core services, we are now in a position to offer one the the most cost-effective and sought-after churn and burn SEO services available today.

What you need to know: Our churn and burn SEO service offers up to 90% more links than our competitors at a lower (base) price point. Each order you place can be distributed over up to 1-99 URLs/keywords. 98 - 99% of links are dofollow.

Affordable Pricing

We offer an affordable churn and burn SEO service that operates at a fraction of the cost of our closest competitor.

400,000 backlinks


Distribution Up to 99 URLs

1,000,000 backlinks


Distribution Up to 99 URLs

2,000,000 backlinks


Distribution Up to 99 URLs

5,000,000 backlinks


Distribution Up to 99 URLs

10,000,000 backlinks


Distribution Up to 99 URLs

50,000,000 backlinks


Distribution Up to 99 URLs

Before you order

Please read the following points (and FAQs below)
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Key points:

All prices in United States Dollars (USD)
These are GSA blog comment backlinks
Use only on second/multi tiers
Not for primary domains

What’s included:

The number of backlinks stated in the package
A link index report will be sent after completion
Up to 99 URLs/domains per order

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Churn and Burn Seo Service

Boost your ranking fast

About Churn and Burn SEO

Simply put: Churn and burn SEO is all about ranking a webpage fast by sending a mass volume of links to that page and not caring about it's potential downfall from SERPs

How to use churn and burn SEO

Churn and burn SEO can be very effective at ranking websites quickly in SERPs, however, it is definitely not google-safe. We recommend only directing these links to second tier domains (multi-tier) that, in turn, link to your money site. This method is for experienced webmasters only.


We offer the most cost effective churn and burn SEO service available today. We can offer up to 50 million dofollow links distributed across 99 URLs per order. We operate at a fraction of the cost of our closet competitor and offer a truly professional service.

For experts only

As previously mentioned, churn and burn SEO is only for well-versed webmasters who understand the intricacies of SEO. These packages should NEVER be purchased for main domains (money sites). If you have any questions, please get in touch with us directly.

Reseller? We offer a white label version of all our on-demand packages